We use NikWax Rug Proof to re-proof all our rugs, this adds water-repellency and revives the breathability of outdoor rugs. The re-proofing process is carried out in the washing machine which means that all the rug is treated, the outer, inner wadding and lining. The re-proofing liquid adds or renews water repellency and also revives breathability of horse rugs which helps maintain insulation, keeping your horse warm.

As rugs get older the nature of the fabric changes; extreme weather conditions, UV rays from the sun (even in the winter), barbwire fencing or when your horses are hungry and grazing in the hedges can all add up damaging the fabric of the rug. The fibres in the material weaken and become brittle and start to break down leaving rugs (especially turnouts) very porus and unable to keep the wet out. A good sign that your rug needs reproofing is that water droplets no longer bead on the rug during heavy rain.

Benefits of using this product
  • Adds / renews water repellency and revives breathability of horse rugs
  • Resists water absorption due to flex & abrasion damage
  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimises performance in wet weather
  • Maintains insulation, keeping your horse warm
  • Treatment will reduce the growth of mildew in the rug
  • Easy to apply – can be used in a washing machine or applied by hand, no
    tumble drying required
  • Will not affect cosmetic appearance
  • WaterBased – environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non
    hazardous * Does not contain fluorocarbons
Horse wear type Wash Wash & Re-proof
Turnout Rug £10.00 £15.50

Turnout Rug Combo/Neck £12.00 £18.00

Stable/under rug/ Thermatex £10.00 n/a

Stable/under rug Combo/Neck £12.00 n/a

Cooler / Summer Sheet £7.50 n/a

Fleece £6.50 n/a

Fly Rug £7.50 n/a

Numnahs £3.00 n/a

Travel boots (set of 4) £5.00 n/a

Brushing boots (set of 4) £3.50 n/a

Lycra hoods/anti rub bibs etc Depending on quanitty

De-Hairing rugs £4.50 n/a